So do you have a picture in your head on what rowing is like? With the site’s Photo Gallery feature, albums are uploaded after every regatta. With the great photographic touch of Alison Pollini, rowers are caught with their worst faces. Wanna see rowers crying out of agony or cheering out of victory? Photo Gallery is the perfect place to visit.

News articles about the team featured in The Crimson White or any other medium of media will also be linked into the In the News feature. Public Announcements about Row Tide Regatta or random stories about the team can be found here.

The Video feature of the site will hold promo videos, regatta videos, and practice logs in the near future. Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be sitting in the coaches’ boat looking upon yourself? See how far you have come as a rower in this section.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know what rowing would be like, browse through our albums. Albums from almost all of the regattas we attend will be posted in the Photo Gallery.